Myubio: Hear nature play.

A soundsystem for silence

In our contemporary, post-industrial era, the audible impact of human activity is widespread. Places of true silence, undisturbed by sounds that are unrelated to earth’s acoustic system, have become increasingly scarce.

We resort to noise-canceling headphones to shield ourselves from the noise pollution we ourselves create. Consequently, we've become disconnected from the natural acoustic environments that once enveloped us.

Using 96 intelligent sound sources, Myubio is a soundsystem that generates audible environments that grow, transform, and evolve, rekindling our connection with the natural acoustic realm.

Myubio Collective

Rutger Muller

Sound Design

Ricky van Broekhoven

Spatial Design

Nikolai Gillissen

Creative Engineering


As we continue to develop Myubio we welcome partnerships with people and institutions that share our aspiration to create rich acoustic experiences.

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